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    • A communications and relative navigation architecture for underwater vehicle coordination 

      Furfaro, Thomas C.; Alves, João (CMRE, 2019/06)
      This paper presents an implementation of a communications stack for underwater communications and relative localisation. The application scenario, under the auspices of the EC MORPH project, is described. The high-level ...
    • Experimental evaluation of Net-LBL: an acoustic network-based navigation system 

      Sliwka, Jan; Petroccia, Roberto; Munafò, Andrea; Djapic, Vladimir (CMRE, 2019/06)
      This paper describes the use and in-field evaluation of a Networked-Long Base Line system (Net-LBL) where a network of underwater nodes cooperate to support the localisation and navigation of mobile vehicles. To avoid the ...
    • Localisation using undersea wireless networks 

      Munafò, Andrea; Sliwka, Jan; Petroccia, Roberto (CMRE, 2019/05)
      Underwater navigation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) is a challenging task, requiring a trade-off between performance, costs and operational time. The project Network Long Base Line (Net- LBL) proposes a system ...