CMRE Open Library is the digital repository of open access full text publications of the NATO STO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) . Its main contents are technical reports, conference papers, and journal articles authored by the Centre scientists and engineers since its foundation in 1959.

Located in La Spezia, Italy, the Centre has been renamed many times during its history - SIRIMAR, SACLANT ASW Research Centre (SACLANTCEN), NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC), and the current CMRE. Its main research interests are Anti-Submarine Warfare, Mine Countermeasures, Military Oceanography, and Maritime Security.

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  • Converted measurements random matrix approach to extended target tracking using X-band marine radar data 

    Vivone, Gemine; Braca, Paolo; Granström, Karl; Natale, Antonio; Chanussot, Jocelyn (CMRE, 2019/06)
    Conventional tracking algorithms rely upon the hypothesis of one detection per target for each frame. However, very fine spatial resolution radars represent widespread systems that provide data for which this hypothesis ...
  • Forward looking sonar mosaicing for mine countermeasures 

    Ferreira, Fausto; Djapic, Vladimir; Micheli, Michele; Caccia, Massimo (CMRE, 2019/06)
    Forward looking sonars (FLS) are nowadays popular for many different applications. In particular, they can be used for Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) in the context of Mine Countermeasures. Currently, ATR techniques ...
  • Dynamic underwater glider for environmental field estimation 

    Grasso, Raffaele; Braca, Paolo; Fortunati, Stefano; Gini, Fulvio; Greco, Maria S. (CMRE, 2019/06)
    A coordinated dynamic sensor network of autonomous underwater gliders to estimate three-dimensional time-varying environmental fields is proposed and tested. Integration with a network of surface relay nodes and asynchronous ...
  • Real-time mosaicing of large scale areas with forward looking sonar 

    Ferreira, Fausto; Djapic, Vladimir; Caccia, Massimo (CMRE, 2019/06)
    Mosaicing of large scale areas is an important application in the field of underwater computer vision. Although most of the works use optical cameras for that purpose, Forward Looking Sonars, also called acoustic cameras, ...
  • Knowledge-based ship tracking applied to HF surface wave radar data 

    Vivone, Gemine; Braca, Paolo; Horstmann, Jochen (CMRE, 2019/06)
    In recent years, low-power high-frequency surface-wave radars have received significant attention thanks to their over-the-horizon coverage capability and the continuous-time operation mode. These radars have become effective ...

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