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    • Bottom/subbottom surveying using a new, parametric, sidescan sonar 

      Wood, Warren T.; Gettrust, Joseph F.; Sen, Mrinal K.; Kosalas, James G. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1997)
      The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a dual-frequency, towed, interferometric, sidescan sonar system known as the Subbottom Swath System, which is capable of detecting objects and structures buried below the ...
    • Modeling of subcritical penetration into sediments due to interface roughness 

      Thorsos, Eric I.; Jackson, Darrell R.; Moe, John E.; Wiliams, Kevin L. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1997)
      Recent experimental results reveal acoustic penetration into sandy sediments at grazing angles below the critical angle. We have been investigating a mechanism for subcritical penetration based on scattering at a rough ...
    • Scattering from an elastic cylinder buried beneath a rough water/sediment interface 

      Fawcett, John A. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1997)
      In this paper a plane-wave decomposition method is used to compute the two-dimensional backscattering from a buried elastic cylinder as a function of frequency. The cases of a pat water/sediment interface and deteministically ...