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    • Flow noise interference in measurements of infrasonic ambient noise 

      Strasberg, M. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1982/06)
      Estimates are presented of the local noise generated at infrasonic frequencies by turbulent water flowing in the vicinity of hydrophones used for measurements of ambient noise in the sea. Three situations are discussed: a ...
    • In-situ acoustic received level measurements with glider based reactive behaviour 

      Jiang, Yong-Min; Alvarez, Alberto; Cecchi, Daniele; Garau, Bartolome; Micheli, Michele (CMRE, 2019/06)
      Buoyancy-driven underwater gliders are typically employed to sample the water column environment in the ocean [1]. As one of the efforts of extending the capabilities of traditional underwater gliders, CMRE has been working ...
    • Underwater source localization using a hydrophone-equipped glider 

      Jiang, Yong-Min; Osler, John C. (CMRE, 2014/01)
      Buoyancy-driven underwater gliders are autonomous underwater vehicles that were originally developed to collect oceanographic data. CMRE is studying the use of this technology for the characterization of denied areas, ...