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    • Acoustic characterization of submerged aquatic vegetation 

      McCarthy, Elena (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1997)
      The acoustic characteristics of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) were investigated in order to enhance the performance of mine-hunting and weapon sonars in littoral reglons. The specres of seagrass initially studied was ...
    • Low frequency resonance backscatter from near-surface bubble clouds 

      Crum, L. A.; Schindall, J. A.; Roy, R. A.; Carey, William M. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1993/08)
      When active sonar systems are used to insonate the sea surface, anomalous scattering is observed in the form of enhanced backscatter, and more importantly, in the form of discrete, bright echoes. The most plausible explanation ...
    • Review of target strength information for waterside security applications 

      Zampolli, Mario; Jensen, Finn B.; Tesei, Alessandra (NURC, 2008)
      Estimates of the target strength of objects, such as for example scuba tanks and swimmer delivery vehicles, are parameters of interest in all phases of the design of waterside security systems. Results of numerical target ...