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    • Application of aided inertial navigation system to synthetic aperture sonar micronavigation 

      Tesei, Alessandra; Pinto, Marc A. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 2001/01)
      In order to improve short-term navigational accuracy, critical to successful SAS processing, a highquality Inertial Navigation System (INS) is investigated, which consists of an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a strapdown ...
    • Real-time underwater positioning and navigation of an AUV in deep waters 

      Tesei, Alessandra; Micheli, Michele; Vermeij, Arjan; Ferri, Gabriele; Mazzi, Marco; Grenon, Gabriel; Morlando, Luca; Biagini, Stefano; LePage, Kevin D.; Costanzi, Riccardo; Fenucci, Davide; Caiti, Andrea; Munafò, Andrea (CMRE, 2019/05)
      Due to the absence of GPS, navigation of autonomous vehicles underwater requires the integration of various measurements to provide the best location estimate. Usually in littoral waters, adequate navigational accuracy may ...