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    • Alternative approach to passive sonar 

      Zimmer, Walter M. X. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1987/10)
      An alternative approach to spatial processing for passive sonar is proposed and discussed. It is
    • High-resolution beamforming techniques performance analysis 

      Zimmer, Walter M. X. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1986/11)
      Seven different beamforming techniques (including both conventional and high-resolution types) have been analyzed and compared in order to develop a quantitative relationship between resolution performance on the one hand ...
    • Logarithmic least mean square sound-field estimation 

      Zimmer, Walter M. X. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1987/03)
      The report deals with narrowband beamforming techniques for passive sonar applications. In particular, the Least Mean Square fit parameter estimation technique is used to estimate the spatial sound-field power density. To ...
    • Multiple beamforming 

      Zimmer, Walter M. X. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1985/07)
      Beamforming techniques are generally based on the assumption that the received signal arrives from
    • Range estimation of cetaceans with compact volumetric arrays 

      Zimmer, Walter M. X. (CMRE, 2014/01)
      Passive acoustic monitoring is the method of choice to detect whales and dolphins that are acoustically active and to monitor their underwater behaviour. The NATO Science and Technology Organization Centre for Maritime ...