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    • Data driven vessel trajectory forecasting using stochastic generative models 

      Uney, Murat; Millefiori, Leonardo; Braca, Paolo (2019/05)
      In this work, we propose a data driven trajectory forecasting algorithm that utilizes both recorded historical and streaming trajectory observations. The algorithm performs Bayesian inference on a directed graph the walks ...
    • Prediction of rendezvous in maritime situational awareness 

      Uney, Murat; Millefiori, Leonardo; Braca, Paolo (CMRE, 2019/05)
      In this work, we consider the problem of algorithmically predicting rendezvous among vessels based on their trajectory forecasts in a maritime environment. The problem is treated as hypothesis testing on the expected value ...
    • Proceedings of the Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop 2019 

      Jousselme, Anne-Laure; Braca, Paolo; Millefiori, Leonardo; De Rosa, Francesca; Zocholl, Maximilian; Uney, Murat; Iphar, Clément; Gaglione, Domenico; Soldi, Giovanni; Forti, Nicola; D'Afflisio, Enrica (CMRE, 2021-01)
      The Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop (MSAW) was held 08 - 10 October 2019 in Lerici, La Spezia (Italy). CMRE organized this workshop with the objective of fostering the crossfertilization of ideas from scientific ...