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    • Bottom scattering measurements in shallow water 

      Holland, Charles W.; Hollett, Reginald D.; Troiano, Luigi (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1999/08)
      Sonar performance predictions of reverberation in shallow water rely upon good estimates of the bottom scattering strength. However, little is understood about bottom scattering in shallow water in
    • Receiving and transmitting acoustic systems for AUV/gliders 

      Maguer, Alain; Dymond, Rodney; Guerrini, Piero; Troiano, Luigi; Grandi, Vittorio; Figoli, Alberto; Olivero, Claudio; Sapienza, Alessandro; Fioravanti, Stefano; Potter, John Robert (NURC, 2009/12)
      NURC in the past years have focused its research on the use of AUV and more recently on gliders and is now developing littoral autonomous sensing networks based onthose sensors to perform missions such as mine warfare, ...
    • Sediment shear waves: a comparison of in situ and laboratory measurements 

      Richardson, Michael D.; Muzi, Enrico; Troiano, Luigi; Miaschi, Bruno (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1989/03)
      Surficial sediment shear wave velocity measurements were made at eight sites (water depths 7-22 m)
    • The joint SACLANTCEN/USA towed vertically directive source - TVDS 

      Murdoch, G.; Gualdesi, Lavinio; Troiano, Luigi; Monti, J.; Dubord, C. (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1996/07)
      This report is the text of a paper presented at Undersea Defence Technology, Cannes, 1995 (UDT 95). It outlines the development of the Towed Vertically Directive Source (TVDS) and the associated ship-handling and winching ...