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    • A microcomputer-controlled digital acquisition and analysis system for the expendable bathythermograph 

      Wannamaker, Brian; Rossi, Roberto; Nesfield, Philip; Saia, Paolo (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1985/10)
      For a number of years the expendable bathythermograph (XBT) has been an important tool for basic and applied oceanographic survey work. This has led to a significant body of work being done on the accuracy of the XBT system ...
    • Experience with a MAP 300 array processor 

      Nesfield, Philip (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1979/12)
      The paper is a summary of the experience collected during almost two years of programming a CSPI MAP 300 array ' processor in signal processing applications. After a short overview of the most interesting features of SNAP ...
    • SACLANTCEN real-time signal processing system 

      Seynaeve, Robert; Boni, Pier Angiolo; Duarte, Vasco; McCann, Michael J.; Nesfield, Philip (NATO. SACLANTCEN, 1979/12)
      To meet its increasing requirements in real-time signal processing, SACLANTCEN has developed a general purpose. signal processing system called WARP to be uS.ed with a fairly wide range of underwater acoustic research ...