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    • Bayesian multi-class covariance matrix filtering for adaptive environment learning 

      Braca, Paolo; Aubry, Augusto; Millefiori, Leonardo; De Maio, Antonio; Marano, Stefano (CMRE, 2019/05)
      Covariance matrix estimation is a crucial task in adaptive signal processing applied to several surveillance systems, including radar and sonar. In this paper we propose a dynamic environment learning strategy to track ...
    • Learning with privacy in consensus + obfuscation 

      Braca, Paolo; Lazzeretti, Riccardo; Marano, Stefano; Matta, Vincenzo (CMRE, 2019/06)
      We examine the interplay between learning and privacy over multiagent consensus networks. The learning objective of each individual agent consists of computing some global network statistic, and is accomplished by means ...
    • Multisensor adaptive Bayesian tracking under time-varying target detection probability 

      Papa, Giuseppe; Braca, Paolo; Horn, Steven A.; Marano, Stefano; Matta, Vincenzo; Willett, Peter K. (CMRE, 2019/06)
      In practical tracking applications, the target detection performance may be unknown and also change rapidly in time. This work considers a network of sensors and develops a target-tracking procedure able to adapt and react ...
    • The Ninth International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion 2006) final conference report 

      Coraluppi, Stefano; Baldacci, Alberto; Carthel, Craig; Willett, Peter K.; Lynch, Robert; Marano, Stefano; Farina, Alfonso (NURC, 2006/10)
      The 9th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION 2006) was held on 10-13 July 2006 in Florence, Italy. The FUSION conference series serves as the annual gathering and