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    • Benchmark analysis of NURC multistatic tracking capability 

      Gerard, Odile; Coraluppi, Stefano; Carthel, Craig; Grimmett, Douglas (NURC, 2006/08)
      This paper provides a brief description and performance results for the multistatic sonar trackers developed at NURC. Our analysis is based on common data distributed as part of the Multistatic Tracking Working Group ...
    • Classification of odontocete buzz clicks using a multi-hypothesis tracker 

      Gerard, Odile; Carthel, Craig; Coraluppi, Stefano (NURC, 2009/12)
      Blainville's beaked whale (Mesoplodon densirostris) buzz clicks have been found to have characteristics that can vary significantly. While we have not succeeded to classify them individually, we find that their spectrum ...