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    • Automatic change detection for the monitoring of cluttered underwater areas 

      Coiras, Enrique; Groen, Johannes; Evans, Benjamin; Pinto, Marc A. (NURC, 2008/09)
      Automating the surveillance of cluttered underwater areas (such as ports) poses several problems, the main one being the high number of contacts that any automatic target recognition (ATR) system will produce when surveying ...
    • AUV technology for shallow water MCM reconnaissance 

      Evans, Benjamin; Baralli, Francesco; Bellettini, Andrea; Bovio, Edoardo; Coiras, Enrique; Davies, Gary L.; Groen, Johannes; Myers, Vincent; Pinto, Marc A. (NURC, 2007/10)
      The ability to perform MCM reconnaissance missions in shallow water is important in both expeditionary MCM and in the protection of ports against maritime improvised explosive devices (MIEDs). For many years AUV systems ...
    • Experimental results of 300 kHz shallow water synthetic aperture sonar 

      Bellettini, Andrea; Pinto, Marc A.; Evans, Benjamin (NURC, 2007/11)
      The design of a shallow water synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) requires an understanding of key system and environmental issues. The main factors which limit SAS performance are micronavigation accuracy, where micronavigation ...